About Us

We all need recommendation when looking for something, that’s why the Business Service Blog is on the air, to help you in your Internet search.

If on one hand we have a dress website (BlogDresses), in this one we talk about issues of the interest of entrepreneurs. Marketing, Software and WordPress, yes this will be the top three topics covered here.

But in a way but in a way but explained, what really you will find in Business Service Blog?

Main Subjects of this Blog

WordPress; The best WordPress themes, best plugins, WordPress hosting, Seo and more.

Software; you will find articles on marketing automation software, time management software and more. Always with our opinions about each one.

Marketing; Yes, perhaps this is our main subject. Not out of interest, but simply because I like to write about it. We will talk about CRM, automatin marketing, sales, marketing software and more.

Our Main Partners

This blog makes commercial partnerships with some companies of the branch of software and marketing. Are they :

PipeDrive, BigCommerce, Agile CRM, PipelineDeals, FastComet, A2Hosting, Hostinger, CRM Base, Wrike, TeamWork, FreshWorks, and many more …

Who am I ?

Well, my name is WPOneapp, administrator and writer of this blog. It will be a conversation with you reader. Any questions please contact us.